“Excellence is to keep beating your own standards every day.”

– Israelmore Ayivor

8/11 This week has been a burner. It is great that the 38 hours is compressed within 4 days, but it really burns you out. No time at all to squeeze in that essential workout, I have definitely been pushing myself to get up… Anyways, I enjoy this contract mainly because the task is essential for my career path, it is straight forward, I have my own desk, not being micro-managed which allows me not to be distracted and concentrate without pressure. Most importantly, the superiors here would greet, are laid-back and show no disrespect. I have worked in places where there was always 1 or 2 individuals who thought it was alright being a dictator and would constantly and unfairly negatively critique. That I believe is not only a recipe for disaster but will be a toxic place to work for.

11/11 Some people needs to take a hard look at themselves, when they make a selfish demand. I am sick and tired of people who doesn’t think twice and just because they don’t get something instantly, they blame the other person and forget the other end is human as well with limitations. Once they forget this, they are not only being disrespectful but also… who do you think you are? That mentality where people feel super entitled, makes no room for humans to make human mistakes.

Humble and patience is seriously lacking with today’s society.

12/11 Back to the grind again tomorrow. I think my weekends are now to be set, prioritising my professional development. Updates on Anne’s and Erwan’s wedding, is just so magical. I expected the wedding to be glam as previous celebs chose that pathway, but to see theirs simple but still gorgeously captivating made it truly timeless. It was held in New Zealand, which is known for their beautiful scenery. #TheWanForAnne






~ MJ

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