“The wisest are the most annoyed at the loss of time.”

– Dante Alighieri

31/10 : I have the biggest nerves for tomorrow’s new role. It is always like this before starting a new role, I know it’ll be fine but I also feel anxious that something bad might happen. Which is ridiculous, because I know mistakes are bound to happen due to lack of knowledge at the start. I think I am also nervous because it means new people and another professional environment. Wish me luck! Finally received the welcome kit from Plan International, I’ll posts pictures of it soon. Basically what you get is a nice snapshot of the child’s background, picture, letter from the CEO, postcard and envelope with suggestions on what to write to the child. You can of course do this electronically. I absolutely love the postcard method, it brings back memories. I am debating whether I should go for a cardio session before work, about 5:30am. Fingers crossed.

2/11 : Did I make the right choice, jumping on board once again on the full time grind? It has been great so far, the role is insightful but does require a lot of standing. Also I find it refreshing to not be micro-managed, I can clock in and out, have lunch whenever just that I have to do the required work and number of hours per week. Plus I have my own desk, which I think I’ll keep to a bare minimal since it is temporary. Luckily my physical semester is done, so the stress is minimal but my distance learning will be starting in less than 2 weeks. So I’ll have to dedicate time for that also. Next week will be me starting 38 hours across 4 days, I’ll let you know my thoughts on this. Wish me luck for my exam tomorrow!

3/11 : The exam today was a major flop I believe. Strongly believe. Anyways, I think I am still all over the place not knowing how I am going to manage my life for the next few weeks. Full-time work, placement, casual role and part-time studies. When I line up all those responsibilities, I can see there is little room for myself. Now I call sleep, naps. What is even sleep. I’ll need to tell myself to take it week by week and structure my days. Pushing back my workouts to weekends… So frustrating. I suppose this is what I’ll need to do to improve my career path.

5/11 : How am I going to wake up early tomorrow! I am planning to start at 7AM so I can spread the work hours evenly throughout the 4 days. Oh man and then a short shift in the evening tomorrow, so that would be a 12 hour working day… I will definitely be removing my weekday evening shifts. I truly believe in working smartly.






~ MJ

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