“My grandmother started walking five miles a day when she was sixty. She’s ninety-seven now, and we don’t know where the heck she is.”

– Ellen DeGeneres





25/10 : Ok so… I definitely have an addiction problem with watching dramas these days. Strong Woman Do Bong Soon is that very latest obsession! I haven’t watched a K-drama in a while and it’s a great thing I stumbled across a show that has a hilarious and captivating storyline, the leads have chemistry and it has an overall charm. You just have to watch it! I heard the ending did not disappoint, I am on episode 15 so I more to go. Today, I will be trying out the intermittent fasting, specifically 16 hour fasting and 8 hour eating.

26/10 : I was extremely nervous during the phone interview, that I tend to not be so good in articulating my words. I’d rather do a one-to-one interview, just because it feels like there’s more room to think and definitely less intimidating. Anyways so that is done and dusted, not too confident with the outcome, but yeah. I highly recommend working out before a phone interview, I felt less anxious as my mind was busy in the routine, whereas if I didn’t workout I would just be counting down.

27/10 : I tweeted a few hours ago, how I feel blessed to have worked with some great managers. There is a good number, whom I found extremely approachable, trusted and had confidence in me, at the same time being able to hold a random conversation. On the flip side there have been others, who kept a distance and offered basic guidance. If I were to be some sort of leader, I would try to be approachable and I’d think I would genuinely be interested in their non-work related life. Today, it was great to get out and work. I have been snug at home, studying, blogging, exercising and binging on K-dramas. Currently watching Emergency Couple, you watch them all in English subtitles on Youtube! I got done with Strong Woman Do Bong Soon yesterday and the ending… was sooo sweet. Literally I could see rainbows, fluffy things and ice-creams. The ending tied up everything effortlessly and definitely gave the viewers what they wanted to see and hear.

28/10 : Disagreements, mixed with lack of trust and a large dose of hurt is something I never wanted for myself. How I got here, is something I am still questioning. When I look back, I could see the signs clearly but when you’re in it, you miscalculate or for some may just reason it out. I am not going to talk about it bluntly here, I have and will however integrate it through these weekly posts vaguely. Back to eating my original glaze donut and tea.

29/10 : It’s October and it feels like Summer came extremely early. Had to fold away my usual onesie and jump into a singlet and shorts, whilst fanning away the heat. Got to read all the chapters, so I should be ready for the exam coming up. Funny at the moment, I am listening to an adult instructing a drunk adult.

30/10 : The joy of coming home and breaking up a fight. It is almost midnight, to come from work and being faced with this, absolutely snapped me out from my tiredness. At least the weather has cooled down for me to get a good nights sleep. Hopefully.


~ MJ

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