“The First wealth is health.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

11/10 : Life during this independent month will be an interesting one. Going to need to retain my mind, to push for a morning job every morning and do weights in the evening. Also, maybe get into reading again.

12/10 : Since moving back home, I realised how I took for granted fast internet. It works here, but soo patchy. Anyways, bought myself ankle weights which feels super uncomfortable as well as bands, which can increase my resistance in workouts. Been searching online for short courses/workshops for my professional development  and they’re mainly interstate… I don’t think I am ready to drive more than 3 hours for a 1-2 day conference.

13/10 : Finally had my pizza craving satisfied. It has been almost more than 2 months, since I got a ‘carby’ slice. Weather was perfect today, been finding it more comfortable doing my workouts at home. The first thing I’d make sure to have when I move out, is a separate to work out and extra floor space for meditation.

15/10 : Surprising I thought with all these days off, I would be dedicating my time to studying for the exam, but I actually have been planning on my workouts. I found it to be extremely exciting trying various workouts, this time working out on my legs, glutes, hips and other muscles I generally would ignore. Mainly due to laziness. I have been following Chloe Ting‘s videos, she is super informative and her videos are easy to follow.  Now back to watching and being surprisingly hooked to La Luna Sangre.







~ MJ

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