“Stop waiting for it to make sense. Stop using that as an excuse to leave the door open. It’s not closure that you’re seeking. It’s this hope that despite what’s gone wrong. Everything can go back to normal”

– Samantha King





26/9 : What a clear blue day today, though it was a tad windy, I wanted to take advantage of the sunny day! Headed over to Balmoral beach, about midday and the waters was crystal blue with not many people around. It was perfect, just laying out under the sun.

30/9 : I can’t stop thinking about the Kirin beer I had, with a tasty wagyu don! I hadn’t eaten all day and when I got into the first sip and bite, I was taken into heaven. Weirdly, I was sitting by myself in those single side tables. I wanted a whole table to myself, not on a stool! Anyways, this week went fast once again.

2/10 : Hello October! 2 more months and I’ll be ageing another year. Oh and then Christmas and then New Years. Just a quick entry to say, the sky today was clear and blue.


~ MJ


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