“But who wants to be foretold the weather? It is bad enough when it comes, without our having the misery of knowing about it beforehand.”

– Jerome K. Jerome

My photos are also coming up to date with my posts, but still a tad lagging. It is a scorcher here in Sydney, it was raining a few days ago with a mixture of humidity. But now it is back to 30+ degrees for these next few days.

Came back from my residential school in Wagga, and I absolutely loved the laid-back feeling of the town. People seemed more friendlier, and the weather was perfect. Sun was bright but it wasn’t humid.

Residential school was a good experience to get to know our online lecturers and give a brief introduction on the course/units. Super excited to start the course and move industries. The dorm we stayed at was unbelievably cold, like I caught a cold and almost lost my voice. Outside hot and then inside back to Antartica. It kind of made me feel home-sick, it was probably because of the very small quarters. It was a nice change however, from the “concreteness” of Sydney.

Fifty Shades Darker was pretty entertaining, it did however had my explicit sex scenes… The character development was non-existent and I reckon they should have extended the part when Grey went missing. It was bam gone and then bam walked through the door. I highly recommend watch at Chatswood Hoyts, the seats are bomb!






~ MJ

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