“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door”

– Milton Berle






I made a decision to change my degree. From a business degree to an arts degree! I think for a long time now, after working in the hospitality industry, I needed a change. Plus, I wanted to do more research and projects.

Study mode is distance, which is perfect for me, as I can continue working full-time while studying online. The degree has a practical part, which I am excited for. Specifically, I will be specialising in archiving and records management. A whole new field for me.

Good news, got my braces off and it feels so weird. Cannot stop licking it and constantly checking over it. At least now, I will not have to worry about food getting stuck. Getting them off wasn’t bad, but the polish and cleaning was a tad painful. Waiting now for my retainers. Recommend any whitening places?

I have been attending on/off my gym, 27/7 Plus Fitness, at the new site at Marsden Park. It is not only spacious, but also the new equipment makes working out a tad more easier.

Sun has been peaking out a lot to play! Was going to check out the Putt Putt place but after that Korean feed, we got hit by the snooze bug.


~ MJ

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