“Life starts from a white hole and ends in a black hole.”

– Santosh Kalwar




Long weekend is near! I have been visiting The Star quite often now and am quite obsessed with the Vietnamese dining area. A few things have been happening since the last post. I encountered some awful “humans”, who quite frankly I wish could be a nicer to individuals who are loving life. Oh and had common courtesy. Many people lack this, sadly.

I finally gave Full Metal Alchemist a go, currently on Chapter 63! It is such an enjoyable read and once done, I will give the anime a go. I am officially obsessed. Everyday, I honestly look forward to continue reading this. Basically it is a story of two famous brothers, who are alchemists and have a quest to regain their original bodies.

 Since being gifted with a pandora bracelet, I have kept my right wrist covered. He had let me chose an item, a Disney-themed band as well as a Minnie Mouse charm. Since young, I have been obsessed with Minnie.


~ MJ

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