“I think you can be shy and still feel okay about yourself at the same time.”


YELLOW – Megan Jacobson

Pages: 259

Kirra at only 14 years of age has a lot on her life plate. Taking care of her heart-broken drunk mother, bullied by her ‘so-called friends’ and finding her self-identity… Oddly enough, she befriends a teenage ghost in the midst of things…

I think most people can relate to this novel, if you have ever been through high-school or went through the endless stage of finding the ‘right’ friends. This novel by Megan Jacbson will take you through the eyes of Kirra, otherwise known as Yellow. It will slightly pull at your heart-strings as Kirra exposes herself in this discovery stage. It is a short read, though I would have wanted more character development, shining light perhaps on the mother and the ghost.

Forgiveness is a major theme I find within this novel. Forgivness within family, friends or even strangers. The most surprising element is the addition of a ghost. It makes you question whether she is mentally stable or if the ghost is even real? I think this character makes this story standout.


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RATE: 3/5 

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