Blood Poison


Who better to play the character of Stella Goldschlag in Blood Poison, directed by Jennifer Hagan, than 2015 Sydney Theatre Awards best actress nominee?

 Australian actress, Belinda Giblin stars as Stella in a “90 minute tour de force” at The Studio, Sydney Opera House. This setting allows the audience to further delve into her story, as she confides to us her tragic accomplishments, within the comforts of her living room. She brings us back to Berlin whilst waiting for an old friend, where citizens are surrounded by the war, living in fear and distrust. World War II, to be exact. It was outstanding watching Belinda holding the play by herself, portraying the constant physical and mental torture endured by Stella.

 For the survival and love for her family and herself, she decides to become a “greifer” for the Gestapo. In other words an informant against the Jews, though Jewish herself. Her decision goes all against her culture, traditions and morality as her human survival instincts sets off. Whilst watching her, I got to see from her perspective why she chose to do what she did. Eventually as a spy, Stella became known as Blonde Poison due to her Aryan appearance – blue eyes and blonde hair.

 The whole play from start to finish, was extraordinary constantly I was conflicted with her. Belinda’s emotional acting explicitly demonstrates the relentless struggle within Stella. From a loving daughter, adored friend and neighbour to a betrayal of all sides. Her actions will make you question, what will you do when the time comes?




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