“When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.”

– Viktor E. Frankl





I have not been so social this week, more than a day of going out is extremely exhausting. I do not understand how some people can keep going! Cheers to the awesome people I got to catch up with, even after not seeing you guys for months – years, it never feels odd.

Driving to and from Wollongong was satisfying, driving away from the suburban life towards the openness. I found it to be relaxing down the coast, where people were enjoying their time either by themselves or with others. If you have the chance, visit North Beach whilst it is still basking around sunrise.

E and his mates finally did their jump! I could only imagine how terrifying and exhilarating it was.  Maybe I’ll do it next? If you’re interested, the link is here.


~ MJ

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