Curiosity and Purple

To be honest, it had taken a while to produce a name for my blog. I think I went through so many words whilst at the same time, thinking should it be only two or three words? I remember asking E numerous times, whether my draft names were good or not. Purple was no-brainer because it is the colour I live by, whilst Curiosity… is something I bring with me everyday.

Merge them together and I found myself immediately agreeing with it.

I wasn’t going to create a tagline at the start, but I thought why not? I find that tag-lines are great in providing a snippet of what the blog may be about. What my blog tries to do is colour the mundane that happens time to time in ones’ life. By me writing about my experiences and thoughts, in turn may interest another in trying it out. Everyone has curiosity to feed from time to time.

~ MJ 

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