The Illusionists 1903

DATE: 19 DEC 15 – 28 DEC 15


Straight after work I headed towards Circular Quay and I was already feeling the excitement, as it was my first ever visit to the Opera House. Weird right, I live in Sydney! Let me tell you, it looks magnificent.

As we waited for the show, E and I had a few drinks and nibbles at a nearby restaurant/bar. When we were set, we headed to the Opera House and excitedly anticipated for the start of the show.

The show is not just any show. With 8 magic showcases, you will be taken on a ride  through various world-class acts, stunts and illusions. The magicians or conjurers, will leave you amazed and I remember this one act I kept laughing every time he was on stage. Other times, my mouth was literally half-opened, because it was that fun. I have not watched a magic show like this before, a truly spectacular and mesmerising show.

Be sure to watch them.



RATE: 5/5

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