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Only a few days away, until you can shop to your heart’s content! If you are like me, I tend to enjoy online shopping. You know how sometimes, unexpectedly your package arrives and it just makes your day?

With most of top international beloved brands, including Nars, By Terry, Estee Lauder, Aesop, Clarins and so much more, with just one click they can be yours. Head over to their website where you will need to sign up, to access the limited %75 off their products (limited time only). Overall, their prices are marked cheaper than retail price.

I have yet to purchase from them, still need to look through their endless list of cosmetics, and I am happy about their free international shipping. Though, be mindful that if any additional charges are made through customs, Shop BXB has stated they can happily reimburse you wow!

Once I do purchase from them, I’ll post up the products I have tried. See the links below:

Twitter | Instagram | Website

~ MJ

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