“He who has a why to live can bear almost any how”.

– Friedrich Nietzsche

What a week… I have been not up to date with a lot of things right now. Just been flooded with shifts and once I hit home, been to tired to sit in front of the computer and write anything. I really like this quote I found for this week, very interesting. Finding a reason why I’m living, is one of those mysteries I am still figuring out.

A great work mate is leaving from her position at my job, got me thinking when it’ll be my turn. Landing that job that I can finally call home. I don’t know about you but, lately I have not been feeling quite inspired to right much OR start my university assignment. Oh man.

In other news, my cousin came to visit from the Philippines and was able to spend a few hours with her here in Sydney. Even though it was a brief catch-up, it was awesome having her here for a little while.




~ MJ

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