“In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.”

– Robert Frost

I got myself a Tumblr again! Check it under the ‘About‘ section or just on the word itself. I made it because I wanted my posts to be reachable to more viewers on another well-known platform. Plus, I love the simplicity of Tumblr so it will be my main platform to repost my posts in photo format as well as getting inspiration from many other creative minds. So it will be like a scroll board of my interests.

I passed my HP Test as well! In other words I achieved getting a green-letter-P-plate that will enable me to drive faster than before. For all those drivers who hated me slowing them down, I am almost one of you now haha! I have also edited the first part vlog of my drive up to Ettalong Beach, which will be posted up very soon. It may be a 2 – 3 part series, don’t want the vlog to be longer than 10 minutes. Also, I have been hooked to Periscope again so find me @quisumbing_ or E on @DerechoEmmanuel

I also received a cute white box, that holds two soy candles which i have been anxiously waiting for. It came and it is definitely a delight to have. I officially am obsessed with soy candles. Check out Chloe Jane Candle Co – post up next week with one that I have tried and finished *sadly.






~ MJ

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