“All things excellent are as difficult as they are rare”

– Baruch Spinoza






Thursdays I have decided is my time to discover what products are out there. Yes, it is late-night-shopping in Sydney, so technically it is a perfect time to shop after work.

One shop I have come to love, is Gewurzhaus. The term, which I cannot even pronounce means ‘spice house‘ in German. If you’re in the Sydney area, check them out in their flagship store in The Strand Arcade. Believe me, it is a beautiful store filled with enticing aromas.

I have also become a Level 1 in Mecca’s Beauty Loop! There’s a bunch of goodies that I’m so excited to sample. Samples are a great way to try, before you pledge to a full product. For more information how Beauty Loop works, click the link ‘Beauty Loop‘.

I got my dress set for a friend’s wedding, very quick delivery from the Nookie team! It took about 5 – 6 days to fall at my home, no damages done and the dress feels amazing. Now, I have to find shoes and some accessories to fill the black canvas.  It was honestly so cute and random, how they left, I think was a vanilla or coke-flavoured lollipop in my order haha. It was my first, but will absolutely not be my last purchase from them.

Quality time was spent with E which I have come to appreciate more and more, because of our differing schedules we tend to only get to bond over our favourite past time… eating. We got to check out a local restaurant, Thai Benja, I recommend you guys to try their soft-shell crab items!

~ MJ

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