“To sit in the shade on a fine day and look upon verdure is the most perfect refreshment”

– Jane Austin




Its always special to find individuals who understand personal schedules. I met with an old friend V, who has grown so much! Still the same, humble, non-judgemental person but there’s a hint of maturity that happens when one ages. E and I ate at 12 Spices, where we caught up with each others’ life. Watch out for this fashionista, who’ll be hitting up the blogging world soon.

 Living with the boyfriend, I never expected the changes to one’s lifestyle and added responsibilities it will bring. One thing for sure, I appreciate the times I visit to see my family. Being flexible and adjusting to the partner’s lifestyle and seeing eye-to-eye with our current living space. We have agreed to set one colour scheme, which is white, so adding anything else will be much easier. The best thing though, is that he isn’t fussed with what I decorate the room with. Not unless it isn’t something we can both use. Let me tell you, his room was a blank canvas.

There’s a four events I’m especially looking forward to, the closest event is the science MASSive Lates! Definitely going to get my geek on and go crazy! I’ll update you on this once it’s passed.

~ MJ

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