1/175 Ocean View Rd, Ettalong Beach NSW 2257


You cannot miss this cute cafe, with its bright yellow-striped decorations, beach-inspired interior and wide windows. It is a charming place to eat before a full day ahead.

I loved how airy it was, letting in that sweet, fresh coastal air. You can either choose to eat inside or outside in their gorgeous quaint garden.

I’ve definitely noticed, a cafe trend of having their menus on a clipboard. It is probably because of the cost-effective benefits, but also gives that easy, casual vibe. We visited during breakfast and we had a hard time choosing from their dishes… it all looked tasty! All fresh, produced locally. Prices ranged from $13+ and if you’re a Campos coffee fan, it is their main source.

Polite service and timely served, I’d love to visit again.






IMG_2941 (1)

IMG_2912 (1)

Hers: Rocket omelette with marinated feta, asparagus and Coast relish on toast $16

IMG_2911  His: Sourdough toast with poached free range eggs, Coast relish, wilted spinach and baked beans $16


Soy latte


Amalfi – a blend of beetroot, carrot, celery, apply and pineapple $6.50 


Revive – pear, apple and lime

RATE: 5/5

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