“Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently”

– Henry Ford






I had completely forgotten that this post was to be scheduled at noon! So here I am redoing it again, with content.

I’ve made a decision to drop down to one unit this semester and working only a few days in a week. This is primarily because, I want to spend more time for myself. I’d rather drop down hours and study, than fail the unit at the end of the semester. Once the 3 months of this semester finishes, I’ll pick up more hours. I stumbled into a market, called the Kiribilli Markets once I got off at Milsons Point. Unfortunately, I had no cash on me so I couldn’t purchase anything.

Vlogs are such a different type of entertainment, which I have been recently obsessed. Some of my favourites on Youtube – beautycrushvlogs, BenjiManTV, clothesencounters, fashionista804, HAUSOFCOLOR, itsJudysLife, sWooZie, WahlieTV, Sarocha B and sooo much more. So be sure to check them out! Inside Out… was an incredible film, in terms of the story-line, characters and the message it illustrates to all ages.

Did a bit of more cosmetic/skin shopping which I am excited to use and share them on this blog, once I get the feel of it. I’ve been loving the line of Ole Henriksen though, truly refreshing.

~ MJ

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