La Mesa

Level 1, 19 Goulburn St. Haymarket, Sydney NSW 2000

First thing you’ll notice is the entrance, it honestly looked so secretive. Steep stairs upwards and in a way it reminded me of home entrances in the Philippines.



A friend remarked how it reminded him of a Filippino home, with it’s wooden , mis-matched furniture and distinctive interior. You’ve got long, short tables with couches with some. I was truly amazed at how bustling this restaurant was! In Sydney, I find that Filippino cuisines have more difficulty breaking into the foodie market. La Mesa makes me hopeful.


On a busy night, I believe maybe they should’ve placed more wait-staff due to the wait time some patrons experienced. Our orders, came though unluckily one of my mate’s order was forgotten… At the end, I’ll like to say thank you so much for letting us do the spilt billings!

The food was great, my particular favourite of the night was the Kare Kare dish that came in a cute black bowl. I had a few spoons of the peanut sauce and it imprinted an ever-lasting memory haha. Wide variety of traditional dishes, some even I have never heard of. Prices are moderately priced. I’ll let the pictures do the talking.








RATE: 3/5

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