“Remember, every treasure comes with a price.”


Crazy Rich Asians – Kevin Kwan

Pages : 403

I remember a few months ago, this novel had the biggest rave! I would  see so many pictures on the latest social platforms, how people were saying that this book was terrific! Before I give you my opinion on it, let me type down a basic over-view:

A novel about the richest of rich in Asia, specifically about Chinese-Singaporeans, who would lavish themselves with the hottest properties, exquisite lifestyles and alienate those who they see are not worthy of their presence. Basically if you’re not rich, like mega rich, you don’t make the cut. Rachel Chu an American-born Chinese, falls in love with a classically handsome and filthy rich man named Nicholas Young. It’s a modern story, of how her simplistic lifestyle collides with his royal-like family traditions.

For me, I did not entirely enjoy this novel. Mainly because it felt like it moved too slow, too predictable and just wasn’t really exciting. There was some POV where it left some characters with somewhat disappointing closures. I didn’t feel like the author created enough character building, for me to understand the character’s POV. The novel is described as “funny” and “roller-coaster” like, but I would describe it as “predictable”, “slow-paced” and tried too hard to be dramatic.

It is an easy read and if you do like immersing yourself  for a quick read, familiar with high-end products this may be for you.


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