“Difficulties strengthen the mind, as labor does the body.”

– Seneca






Don’t you just dislike working around negative people? Be it at the premises, phone, next door or which ever… it is seriously a downer. Yes, I may not understand what they’re going through but it doesn’t mean they have to spread their negativity. If you’re upset, don’t let it come out in a way that’s rude to others. That would just generate more hate. I’m just ranting sorry.

On another note, my experience at the centre was far from what I expected. I would have rather not went, oh well. That’s not me by the way, that is E cosplaying for Supanova this year! I think if I would have went, Sailor Mars would be my ideal pic. I have the hair already hehehe. There has been two exciting events that I’m really looking forward to; a mate’s wedding and a weekend get-a-way to Ettalong Beach yes, in the middle of Winter. Hopefully by then I have gotten a camera to vlog, but that is a long shot since I have been spending crazily on cosmetics and clothing.

~ MJ


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