“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.”

– Mahatma Gandhi

I am extremely happy that one of my stresses has been cleared! Well in a few days to be more specific. Legit, there is still quite a bit more but still the less of it the better. For me, juggling 3 jobs makes it quite impossible to experience a long-weekend (3 days off). Even getting two consecutive days off is still a miracle haha. But I love working to be honest, I get reckless on the second day off.




Work benefits is one rarity for me as well, from the jobs this one gives me discounts to AMF! I can probably work on my bowling skills, because I get smashed each time by E. I’m finding myself settling well into this office job, the team is lovely and the working hours is perfect for me. At the moment, I’m going to try and squeeze everything into this last day of freedom and tackle this 5 days of work starting tomorrow! E and I also checked out Knafeh Bakery, at the moment I’m uploading the vlog on Youtube so check it out and in a few days there will be a post about it as well. Have a happy week everyone 🙂

~ MJ

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