Lyton Noodle House

8 Lyton Street, Blacktown NSW 2418

IMG_2246 (1)

This would be E and I’s go to place, when we get sick and bored of the other eateries in the area. Plus, the lady who serves us has extremely great customer service! Oh and I think we go way too many times, that she said to us one time “where have you both been?” haha.




Monday through to Sunday, you will be served an array of dishes that is a mix of Thai and Vietnamese cuisines. Inside you’ll be welcomed by designs of either Thai or Vietnamese ornaments, that makes you feel like you’ve been transported to an asian local eatery but at the same time keeping the Western Sydney vibe. Their menu ranges from about  $5 up towards about $16 – affordable and wait until you taste their dishes, it’s freaking delicious. From stir fries, quails, seafoods ($2 extra), salads, curry and soups, it will cater.


Spring roll $6 – 6 pack that’s filled with crab meat, prawn, shallots, black pepper wrapped in crispy pastry, it’s one dish I always order


Pad See Ew (Seafood) $ 9.50 – size small, it’s absolutely enough to fill me, it’s jam packed with vegetables, egg and stir-fried sauce


Lyton Soft Shell Crab $15 – it’s stir-fried with vegetables, E seemed to like it! 


Coconut Juice $4


Thai Milk Tea $4 – I always look forward to ordering this. It’s not too sweet

RATE: 3/5


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