Calendula 70 Blemish Moisturizer


Pure Heals by Nature Village $29 || Sephora

Sadly, whilst checking out the Sephora website, I wasn’t able to find the link of this product it’s where I bought it from. Because, this product is really nice, especially for my skin! Since using it, I’ve noticed that my skin has brightened and has that healthy, soft touch. This is entirely because of the 70% of calendula extract. This oil extract is known for numerous health benefits, but most notably the positive it has for one’s skin, anti-redness – calming effects, wrinkle improvement and helps whiten the skin whilst keeping it youthful-looking.

It smells heavenly, a very fresh feeling once you smooth it over your face. Though, it does have a 3 out of 5 star rating in regards to skin protection. Either than that, I’ve been loving it, heavily on because of the calming and balanced care it provides for my sensitive skin. During the day it does control my oils and when I use it before bed, the next day it gives it that soft bounce.



I wasn’t able to locate the Pure Heals by Nature Village online, comment below if you do know the link please!

RATE: 5/5

2 thoughts on “Calendula 70 Blemish Moisturizer

    1. Hey girl, my t-zone tends to be oiler than the rest of my face especially during the day. It’s also acne-prone, especially when I miss a day off from my usual routine. & thank you 😊

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