“Eighty percent of success is showing up.”

– Woody Allen 




Since the last time I posted, I think I was still approaching my finals. Since then, I have completed them all and I am now basking in the freedom of things! Well, more specifically free from university things, but I still have a fair work to do in regards to my jobs and blog.

I completed my first training day yesterday at the centre, it was good but I really need to remember the product, so I can sound more confident over the phone. So I’ve taken the time to buy a notepad from Officeworks and started jotting important notes down. Oh the view from the top was amazing… So far I’m fortunate to have a lovely team.


“NOTES” book $15.43 – You’ve got to be careful with the cardboard covers, it can get easily dirty, 240 lined pages || Natural Alternative – Organic Paw Paw ointment has been my best-friend through this Winter

I was also able to push myself to work-out my lazy body, since this cold weather has fallen over Sydney, I have been cooped up under the heater and blankets… over-indulging in sweets and more sweets. I told myself, once Summer hits again I’m definitely going to regret my sloth behaviour. The more I’ve been setting goals to complete, the more I’ve noticed that I’ve been feeling good about myself. Especially, when I’ve ticked them off!

~ MJ

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