5 Facts

Hey there!

So I’ve been wanting to try something new with my blog, you may or may have not noticed the few little changes! I’ve been working in between university and work, on making my blog more user-friendly and enjoyable!

I remember back in them Tumblr days, I would post them random facts – you know how you had a set of questions that went viral and you were like ‘oh cool questions, yolo!’ (not). At the end of each month I’ll be posting these facts, from the mundane to the weird haha.

  1. I was either supposed to be named Danielle or Marife – But one of my aunties named me after the hospital I was born at. So from Mary Johnston to Mary Joy.
  2. I prefer sunrises – sunsets make me sleepy, sunrises kind of tells me to get as much done for the rest of the day and I love how the rays are like a gentle wake-up call.
  3. Since the start of this year, I’ve been a fish-only eater (pescetarian) – I’ve been loving this new lifestyle, not only do I feel less bloated but I open myself to eating different sea-foods. The health benefits from this are also amazing!
  4. Maths or anything that involves numbers is my biggest downfall – You will have to repeat yourself a few times before I understand what you had just said. I still can’t get percentages right.
  5. White Gold – there’s something about gold that seems too flashy.

~ MJ

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