Until now

I’ve been getting a lot of stressful issues in my life, it may seem little to you if I told you… so I’d rather not say exactly. So lately, I’ve been trying to gather what I should prioritise in my life.

There’s a few posts that needs to be written up and I’m soooo far behind (sorry!). I have been searching around for a helpful app/website that can maybe gather all my plans all together, so I can be updated to what needs to be done. Specifically a calendar, that can organize what I should be writing up next. I do have one in mind though, so I’ll give it a trial first and if I do like it… I’ll purchase it. Though, I should really be kicking it old-school and just write everything down! (cheaper too)

There’s some changes that I’ve been doing on my blog, a few add-ons that can hopefully make this site somewhat more attractive 😉

Finals are up soon! Can’t wait to complete this semester.


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