Brow Power

I’ve now incorporated brow pencil application into my make-up regime, and this ‘universal eyebrow pencil’ is amaze! I bought it at Sephora, whilst checking out.


It Cosmetics $18 (paraben-free, cruelty-free, etc)

This would be my first product purchase from It Cosmetics and without doubt after using this product, I am definitely purchasing another from this brand. So back to this product, what captured my attention was the fact that it had one colour… and impressively its one colour adjusts to your brow colour. You do this by either lightly drawing (lighter colour) or pressing it down more for darker hair types.


I’ve read some reviews saying it was difficult to match their eye brow colour, but for me it fits my colour hair type (dark brown to black). For me it’s a great colour filler that lasts for a good 24-hours, water-proof and smudge-proof (I have a habit to rub my face when I get tired). I  sometimes would skip brown powder, because after using the spooley brush which is attached to the other tip of the pencil, it comes out looking refined and natural.


Yeah I know, I need to get it threaded asap

Aside from the brow enhancing effects it also conditions your eyebrows, using as such; Vitamins A, C, Green Tea, Grape Seed, and other anti-aging ingredients. I have been using it everyday, so far so good! For it’s price, you definitely get a good package deal.

RATE: 4/5

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