The Smoothie Co.

The Smoothie Co. is a pop-up bar that you can find at events in Sydney. I came across this cute little bar, during my visit to The Finders Keepers markets a few days ago and we were currently on a hunt for a healthy smoothie/drink option. They were where the other foodie stalls were and had fresh vegetables and fruits on their tables.


E wanted to get a smoothie, but instead he got a bowl haha. He couldn’t even finish it because it was so much! I had a taste of it as well, and the consistency wasn’t too thick and not too creamy.


Lean Machine Acai Bowl $12 – Acai, banana, avocado, organic cacao coconut protein, organic almond milk and yummy toppings!


Clean Green Smoothie $9 – Kale, avocado, green super-foods powder, banana, organic agave, coconut water, ice

When I had a sip of mine, it was delicious! It looked healthy and when drinking it I felt proud of myself that I stayed away from the other sweet drinks. I absolutely love how the consistency came out to be, there blends are perfect! I actually wanted to try the Salted Caramel smoothie…. maybe next time.

RATE: 4/5

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