Say you love me

This beautiful and emotional song has been on replay more than 10 times, whilst completing my Japanese report. & yay to me for completing it before the due date this Friday! The song is by Jessie Ware, check out this song —

 It’s definitely one of my favorites! I can’t believe this songstress is not singing at those large music events! You can literally feel her pouring her soul out into this song. Love love love. Anyways, I’ve got a bunch of things to review and edit to show you guys. But in the meantime…. Going to tell you guys, I got into another car incident. No one got hurt, but my bank account will. I’d say it wasn’t entirely my fault like the person was not in my direct vision and what am I suppose to do? Child-lock adults? Rookie mistake to open a door whilst the engine is running.

But hey, at least our car wasn’t damaged too much. I just wished it freaking didn’t happen, got bills to pay man. I love to drive, it’s one of the most peaceful times for me, especially when I’m on the highway at night. It’s almost hypnotizing.

~ MJ

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