Once Was Lost Bracelet


Truly a gem found, an Australian owned business that showcases some fine products! Once Was Lost creates a few accessory items, such as scarves, bags and bracelets which I loveeee! It was a toss up between purchasing a scarf or a bracelet…. I opted for a bracelet, which I gifted to my partner.




What is amazing about this bracelet, is how and what it is made out of. Firstly, it is created in a jewellery store in Spain and hand-made using waxed cotton. So throughout your wear, it gets softer and perfect for everyday casual wear. You’ll know you’ve got a product from them, if your bracelet has their signature “X” which is embossed on the sterling silver.

He loves it!

E: hello@oncewaslost.com || F: @oncewaslost_

RATE: 5/5

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