I kept holding my tears back

I FINALLY WATCHED FURIOUS 7! It was awesomely action-packed which had me entertained, so basically the film flashed before my eyes haha not in a bad way. But because it was so enjoyable, that I’ve got to say this is yet their best instalment. They kept the original loved cast members, and tied the casts’ individual stories into this, you’ll understand when you watch it. Also, it was freaking hilarious! Never had a dull moment during the film.

The ending, got to me so bad… it was a super simple but moving ending that commemorated Paul Walker. I freaking loved it, like honestly it is not going to feel the same without Paul Walker. Vin Diesel you got me teary at the end, your face contained all those deep captured emotions, it was so real. But seriously, go watch it! Not too cliché at all, the action sequences was amazing.

R.I.P. Paul Walker

~ MJ

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