Staring at screens and pages

I’m astonished that I still don’t have reading glasses, all these years of reading (taking hardly any breaks) and staring at the screen (The Sims 24/7) has still haven’t damaged them… not that I want it to. But you know?

I think reading glasses are awesome, it gives that extra sophistication for the individual and at times provides them with a different outer-presentation if you get what I mean? I love wearing glasses, especially them round, bold black sunglasses, they are to die for. I only have two pairs and I think I need to get another pair… maybe a brown? or clear? I have a round/oval face, so what I have noticed is that round, slightly cat-shaped glasses suits me. Extra large too!

I have tried Oscar Wylee’s Free Home Trial, which I reckon is a brilliant idea. I live in the Western suburbs of Sydney, so it’s a bit of a trip going to and from the city. Check them out here: Oscar Wylee I’m going to browse a few pairs and see if I can get a new everyday pair, for this upcoming Winter season.

Other than that, one coffee is not enough for this long day.

~ MJ

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