Digs my brain in

I had a preety good day, finally done my pair speech after practising non-stop and then headed over to Hooters to get my carb-fix.

What got to me was a annoying, frustrating and depressing thought. The fact that I can’t seem to please everyone. If you ever meet me, some would say I’m bubbly or dead-quiet, but always nice, polite etc etc. I find it pointless to be snarky and mean to someone, it just creates a havoc. But sometimes, like any another human who gets comfortable around certain people, would loosen up and act relaxed. For example, I would be bold with my opinions and not be afraid of how to act around you. All does little niceties goes out the window, and here comes honest, relaxed me.

This is what upsets me, is when I get comfortable with certain people and they judge me! Like seriously, this is who I am and I’m not going to cower down and adjust who I am to make you happy.  Fine, if I’m being mean then tell me. But if you’re being unfair, I guess that shows me you truly haven’t accepted me and I’m not going to waste my time on you.

~ MJ

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