Shop KB01, Lower Ground, 28 Broadway, Chippendale NSW 2008


I love this place, Sushizilla, it’s affordable and sometimes you would think “hey it’s cheap, must be bad quality though…”, this is not the case. I work in the building, so sometimes when I leave early I rush up to get a quick feed here, I eat mostly in the sushi-train area. (hey hey you like the quality? I’ve been using my boyfriend’s mobile)



You either order through the old-school menu book or the groovy electronic device, I prefer the electronic way. Though I get so wary that since it’s right there, I’ll end up ordering so much.



We scored a quiet time to have lunch, oh and by the way I was here to take ninja shots of the place for my Japanese assignment. I did not have the courage to go up to one of the staff and ask questions haha.


Agedashi Tofu $4.90 – Gee aren’t I addicted to tofus!


Aburi Salmon Ala Carte $6.80 – I couldn’t leave without eating any type of salmon nigiri


Crunchy Salmon Roll $2.90 – Back to basics, that extra spice-kick was delish


Scallop Carpaccio $8.80 – We added something fancy and it didn’t disappoint 


Soft Shell Crab San Choy Bow $6.80 – It truly was true to it’s name “soft” and flavoursome 

RATE: 3/5

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