Didn’t go so well

When it hit about 7pm I headed to the bus stop, where my umbrella was useless, took a train, came an hour early so I waited at Central station and then walked in the pouring rain to my test. I don’t mind rain, but when it starts moving because of the wind and when it feels like someone is taking my umbrella in every direction… it’s not fun.

I got there and did the test, I was preety nervous because I haven’t done these test at all! One thing I regret is that I should’ve asked questions and used the whole 30 minutes to check and read more precisely. Lesson learned I guess. I’m just bummed that I have to put that apartment life on hold, not until I land myself into another job. I was doing my research and found some awesome studios near the city for about $300 – $400 per week! Not bad hey.

In the mean time, I’m still hunting and studying… wish me luck!

~ MJ

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