Changing mind

After a cup of soy mocha and teriyaki salmon salad, I’ve decided to get my lazy ass to stay awake until 9pm to go and take aptitude test in the city. If you knew me, I am not a night owl (used to be back in high school) but more of a morning bird. I can barely keep my eyes open from 10pm onwards, unless I’m watching an intriguing youtube video.

Anyways, I have been so comfortable with my two jobs and I know I shouldn’t be. That would be because I’m getting complacent. It’s time of a new challenge and time to set forward the steps needed in what I want to achieve hopefully this year or maybe the end of next year… is to move out and find myself an apartment!

It’s an exciting idea, but the cost of living here in Sydney is amazingly expensive. Like what the heck! ahaha this should be good.

I’ll let you know tomorrow

~ MJ 

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