Pushing for more

I’m preety proud of myself, firstly for getting myself to get two assessments done ahead of the due date. So I won’t need to stress out so much for the next couple of days. I’ve got this aptitude test on Monday night, because I applied for another job. But for this time… it’s a night shift one! I’m kinda nervous and anxious whether I should go or not really, I’m scared I won’t get enough sleep or that I’ll be too stressed out. The position is unique, probably because I have never heard of it and secondly it’s a media position… I have no experience in that field what so ever haha. I’m preety damn excited though, it’s a change of environment and if I do get it, it would mean a change of new routine!

But I really do need and want the extra money.

That’s the most recent thing that’s been happening, oh and also actually I was put on the spot on Friday trialling two new potential nurses! I was alright with it, but I really shouldn’t have been the one in my opinion. At least though, I know how it feels to supervise/manage haha.

~ MJ

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