Food Coma

I was able to swap my shift yesterday night, so I was able to have dinner with a dear friend because she had just graduated! It was really thoughtful of her to invite me during that time instead of the lunch, honestly too kind! We had dinner at the Seven Hills RSL buffet, ate my heart out because I had just finished my mid-term exam and was starving myself so I can eat everything that was offered. Like seriously, it’s a buffet!

So now two of my closest friends have graduated! Where I’m still contemplating what second sub-major I should be taking up. Either HRM or HRD? If anyone has an opinion on these two different departments please help this confused girl out!

Oh, and I just watched a special episode 0 of the new Game Of Thrones season and it looks amazing! The logistics and the amount of people in it, is just incredible.

~ MJ 

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