Brown Sugar Cafe

25 Block Pl, Melbourne VIC 3000


It’s those places that you think looks nice but once you step inside and experience it, you feel that regret. The tiny lane that it was in was packed with individuals choosing between this café or that café. My boyfriend settled with this.



It’s like sitting in a living room, because of all the wooden frames all on the wall as well as how cozy it felt inside. I was surprised at how well the wait staff can move freely about around the tables.


I’ll start writing about how it went downhill from here. A new staff waiter who was still in his trial period, came to serve us. He was nice and but had lacked the skills to remember, basic rule if you cannot remember repeat what the customers had ordered or write it down.  Another bad sign was that once we had ordered, he had forgotten to take our menu, which indicated to another wait staff that maybe we had not ordered yet. He got my boyfriend’s one right, after about 10 minutes or less his came out.


His: Soup of the Day: Moroccan Lentils – He said that it was great, had the right amount of spices.

We had to ask another staff where my pancakes were, and we found out that it wasn’t written down. Had to wait all together close to 30 minutes, by then I was furious because a wait staff came out with it but went to another table with it. He took it back to the kitchen and I had to tell him it was mine.


Mine: Vanilla Pancake $14.50 – the pancake was not as good as I imagined it would be. It was dry in the inside, though the toppings (strawberry compote and maple syrup) did help add sweetness to it.

At the end my boyfriend expressed our frustration, and one of the wait staff was kind enough to not bill the pancake. It really does tarnish one’s experience when things are not done efficiently, I’m sure the place is beautiful on most days but I guess I was unlucky.

RATE: 2/5


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