A weekend away to Melbourne

Melbourne was a refreshing mini-trip, that I have been longing for whilst juggling work and studying. Being able to spend time elsewhere than Sydney, with the most important person in my life, gave me that rejuvenating hit and gave me an opportunity to catch up with my boyfriend.


We arrived 3 hours before our flight was due, EJ kept drifting off to sleep, whilst I kept looking around trying to find a hot chocolate to keep me up.



Sad to say that most of our days in Melbourne was cloudy, though luckily it didn’t pour! So we had a chance to explore, going into lane ways, eating at various cafes and checking out what Melbourne had to offer. I really do wish I had another day to spend there, because just walking down the Yarra River was so breathtaking.



Got to let y’all know that getting to and from the airport was a cheesecake! You just take a Sky Bus that would cost you about $18 per adult. We were about to take a taxi, but when we found out about this bus and there was a free shuttle service to our hotel, we said hell yeah!


The useful map that Stamford Hotel provided us

I think I’ve gained some weight from all the foods that we ate, especially trying out their coffees and their hot chocolate. I honestly did not come across an awful hot chocolate, they were all on point.


The graffitis’ were so impressive that they were gallery-worthy, because of how detailed and meaningful they were. Unfortunately, when we got to Hosier Lane it was blocked off because of construction.


Oh Melbourne, I will visit you again. I love the free city circle tram, gets you honestly to all the major cites.

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