Ribs and Rumps

53 Church Street, Parramatta NSW 2150


My boyfriend is a sucker for ribs, chicken and anything but vegetarian haha. I wanted to chose somewhere close by, not all the way out to the city, so I reserved a spot for us at Ribs and Rumps. We were already acquainted with this franchise previously, and we both had nothing to say negative about it. The restaurant in Parramatta though, had an open floor plan and windows that allowed a heavy flow of sunlight to shine in. The bamboo-like lights gave a nice touch, that reminded me of some type of native culture.


We were directed to a table fairly quickly, though they just had to give us a rocky table and those steel/metal chairs that I despise. Like come on, they are so not comfortable and I am surprised to find it in a restaurant.


Garlic Prawns $15 – White wine and butter sauce melted well with the garlic prawns. In the middle, steamed golden rice is garnished with leek crisps.


Hers: Calamari Salad $16 – There was way to many lettuce, tomato, onion and cucumber for me to finish! I ate all the deep-fried seasoned calamari because it was divinely made. 


His: Mixed Grill $50 – The fried egg was random, maybe it was to add extra protein? It had beef ribs, 220g grain-fed MSA rump steak, lamb chops and tangy beef sausage (he said he loved it).


He got the cook before ‘rare’ which was lile ‘blue meat’ or somthing? I watched him easily cut through the meat, took like about 3 swift cuts. 

He also had some Earthworks Shiraz to go with it, saying that it helped was down the meat perfectly. I wouldn’t mind going back again if I wanted a large feed, the price to me is reasonable, but maybe they could add more seafood to the salad? haha.

RATE: 3/5

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