15 Moore Street, Canberra ACT 2601



Got my boyfriend to find a gem in ACT, to celebrate our 4 years together. Before coming to Canberra, I have never heard, that this place had any good places to eat. So I was a bit worried if he could find a great joint. & girl, I was surprised! It looks nothing much on the outside, but when you step in, it’s beautifully decorated, wooden furnishes, mostly white to keep it a bit bright and it had the bar in the centre.


It’s one of those restaurants that you have little space to move about and can basically hear the conversation next to you. I always feel insecure if they hear my conversations, I shouldn’t care but I do. He reserved our table previously so we were efficiently shown to our seats.

Price ranges from about $4 – $36, and the restaurant offers a variety of meals but since I am a seafood vegetarian, he admirably found one that offered a great amount of seafood dishes!


Eel Croquettes $8 – Just 4 pieces right.. not enough! So tasty but, weirdly it was topped with grapes



$16, $75 – I have completely forgotten what these were, but it was yummy! The tables on both sides of our couldn’t resist looking when it came out. 


This may be the grilled figs, fig leaf ice cream and pistachio praline (not too sure) $16

Overall, this dinner was somewhat memorable. The dishes were fresh, especially the seafood plate but the rest was somewhat ok for me. The service was amazing, because it was difficult to wave down a waiter and they were extremely friendly!

RATE: 3/5

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