Australian Brewery Markets

350 Annangrove Road, Rouse Hill NSW 2155


What I love about going to the markets, is not only the cheap prices BUT also how much you save for a product that would normally cost $10+ or $20+.


There were all sorts of things, typically what you would find at a market. From used goods to hardly used goods (which you may never know). I don’t tend to like buying clothes, because of the lack of change-rooms. Not only that, I would rather buy a new clothing item.


People would have their stalls set up from the boot of their car, and then laid out behind. I remember finding this cute leather bag, really tiny, so close to purchasing but my friend pointed out the rusty look of the strap. So I ended up buying a tonne of books! Most were for $1 each, mind you these were popular reads and I scored a $5 set of 50 Shades of Grey set haha.


I was obviously not dressed for the weather, because I misread that it was going to be sunny but it ended up being a full-blown windy day. & the other thing…


My boyfriend bought a large tiger toy-thingy, thinking he’s cute and all. He got it for $20 I think, and now it’s laying in the backyard waiting to be washed. 

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