What I’ve been seeing lately

Is that either people my age, or close to my age, are either traveling or eating… well I tend to follow people who are doing these, so maybe that’s why I’m being biased. But honestly, it seems like a phase or goal to be either doing these things. In my opinion, that would be a awesome thing to do, just traveling, exploring and at the same time venturing to eating the strangest, yummiest foods.

Maybe when I’ve retired, but first I have to settle down into a full-time job BUT foremost I have to graduate haha.

Two nights ago, I ate at Twelve Spices to celebrate my boyfriend’s sister’s birthday, that has the best Thai food (and fried-icecream) but the slowest service ever. To be fair, the restaurant is always crowded, but it’s not reason enough to forget the table’s orders. Very silly really.



Taro friend ice-cream *craving*

Another week to conquer, I really just can’t wait for the holidays again. The expectations to maintain for my Japanese classes is intense. So to ease down the stress I finally got the chance to use this:


Yay for free upgrades!

How I wish Starbucks would give promotional vouchers like these, all the time hehe. Just done the pre-polls for my area since I will be interstate from next Friday! YAY for a mega short break.

~ MJ

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