Where was I?

I was dragged to an electoral forum last night. & boy was it different!  I did not think it would actually get so heated up. There was people practically telling others to ‘ssshh’ and telling those to let people have their say first.


I just got to take a sneak shot of two electorates, there was four.

There were times though, I would zone in and out because there were some political information that I did not know – I don’t follow Australian or any country’s politics anyhow. But there were some points where I would get so engaged, when one of the politicians would say their view and how they plan to implement it. People in the forum, ranged from young adults to the elderly, seemed politically aware and had questions that made me think maybe I should start thinking about how I want Sydney to advance… If I plan to raise my family here, I should invest some of my time into looking who I want as a leader.


Didn’t have a pen to answer these 😦

Sad to say, it was an experience I cannot see myself going to another.

~ MJ 

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