Is it real or idealistic

Like what’s bugging me at the moment, is the destroying fact that people who are close to you can emotionally break you. When they say one thing and then when another plan is presented to them, they immediately forget about the present person. It’s like “hey, I was here first, I’m still here”. Being disregarding like that, is like being treated like an unwanted something/one.

Yes, you and I know they’ll come back, but if you are like me who does not like that pull-and-push game, believe me it is horrendously exhausting. You can either be placid about it (because it happens so often), angry, spiteful or just emotionally and mentally wrecked.


I try and tackle this from a logical play, because once you over step that emotionally path, well… you might dig yourself into a deeper hole. Presenting your argument by facts, can not only demonstrate your great memorisation skills but also puts you into a stronger position. That’s how I did it today, no empathy, just hard-cold-facts. Because, what’s more satisfying than the truth?

Unfortunately, I did not entirely get what I want but the main thing out of it, is the fact that I made my point across and hopefully the strategy given can somewhat pave the way to a happier journey.

~ MJ 

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