Ristretto & Co

156 Northumberland Street, Liverpool NSW 2170


I’ve eaten at this cafe twice already, this blog shows the first time I’ve eaten here. It’s one of those cafes where you have to go searching for a bit (not really), it’s just cause it’s squished in a little corner. It looks like a small shop from the outside… once you’re inside, it’s like stepping into a small picnic area.


The backyard, picnic feel of the place made me nostalgic of the times I entered those types of houses that had a lot of wooden furnitures and a vegetable garden in the back. But most of all, it was very homely. It’s a lovely place to hang, catch-up with the boys and/or girls and take in the soft rays of the sun.


Tuna Salad $13 – Mixing the poached egg with the green beans, tomato, baked corn, sicilian olives, avocado and brown rice… was *drool*


His: Chicken Cotoleta Panini $11 – Truss tomato, rocket, provolone & pesto mayo sandwiched in sourdough.


Hers: Roasted Beetroot $12 – I loved the sweetness of the pumpkin, combined with sweet potato, green beans, fetta and the bold feel of the walnuts, was long-lasting throughout the whole day. 


Orange Juice $5 – I’ve gotten this twice, like the first time I came and the second time. The reason why was because it was fresh as fudge! 

The price was exceptionally affordable, like seriously the dishes qualify for a higher price since the quality was beautiful. Eating at a place like this made the drive there worthwhile.

RATE: 4/5

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